InfoSec09: Are you up to date on Security?

A few months ago, I wrote about an often neglected aspect of security – physical security. In the post entitled Security – Don’t overlook the obvious!, I recounted the ease at which I completely and permanently wiped out a set of hard disks for a client. Notice I said “for a client”; I did this at their request, not because they were late with an invoice payment.

It’s more than physical

Who's protecting your data?

But of course, there is much, much more to security than just the physical element. To be complete, you must consider other aspect such as VPNs, authentication & authorization, data encryption, intrusion detection, and service patches & hot fixes, to name but a few. And to be truly secure you must think outside the box, the SQL Server box that is, and consider security from a holistic perspective.

I was recently talking with a friend of mine who happens to be President of the Middle Tennessee Chapter fo the Information Systems Security Association, or ISSA for short. He reminded me of the upcoming InfoSec09 conference here in Nashville, September 17th at the Nashville Convention Center. If you’re interested in securing your database, network, applications, etc, considering attending this conference. For a list of sessions, visit the site.

One Response to InfoSec09: Are you up to date on Security?

  1. Mark Brown says:


    Thanks so much for encouraging your readers to visit InfoSec ’09 on September 17th at the Nashville Convention Center. I’ll be happy to answer any direct questions folks may have at or they can contact Emily Armstrong at with the NTC.

    Our theme is “Back to Basics” with current economics demanding everyone in IT “do more with less” but there will be some pretty cutting edge presentations on Data Loss Prevention (DLP) from Symantec and IBM/ISS, Anti-Bot Nets from MainNerve, hard-core forensics from SANS, application security and special lunch-time presentations by Platinum sponsor, Sirius Computer Solutions. Always informative, its the most well attended security event in Nashville at 350+ attendees and 30+ security vendors.

    We all have a responsibility to educate our colleagues, staff, partners, vendors, friends and non-profits we support on information security concerns, threats and mitigants. Our Middle TN ISSA chapter helps you do that month in/ month out. Come join us and see what the buzz is about!

    Cheers and thanks, Joe!

    Mark Brown
    Middle TN ISSA Chapter
    email –

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