BI Bootcamp with an Industry Expert


I’ve been a regular speaker at the DevTeach/SQLTeach events in Canada for the past several years. Jean-Rene Roy and his team of volunteers do an incredible job of putting on a high quality yet down to earth event that is both educational and fun to attend. I really look forward to those events each year.

Recently, the DevTeach/SQLTeach team has brought that same vigor and passion for the SQL and Dev Communities to a series of bootcamp events, two-day events designed to get you up to speed very quickly in a certain topic.

Next week it’s Business Intelligence (BI). SQL Server MVP, ronowned industry expert, and my friend, Rushabh Mehta (twitter, blog), will present two days of BI training in Toronto that’s sure to be a hit.

I’ve sat through some of Rushabh’s sessions at conferences and I know that he brings great knowledge and passion to his sessions. They are well organized and informative. And I’m sure that this one will be no different.

So, whether your company is entering the BI space with new initiatives to help them make better decisions, or you simply want to expand your knowledge to prepare for the future, this event may be the starting point you’re looking for.

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  1. johan says:

    $author you really have a nice blog

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