Twitter SQLBingo at the PASS Community Summit

Who are the people in your SQL neighborhood?

Stuart Ainsworth (Blog, Twitter), Brent Ozar (Blog, Twitter), and some other really bright and creative folks in the SQL Community have gotten together to create what’s sure to be a great networking game at the upcoming PASS Community Summit. It’s called SQLBingo.

Essentially, it’s like normal Bingo except instead of having someone calling letters and numbers like “B-19”, you look for the Twitter folks printed on your card wandering around the Summit. When you find one, go up, introduce yourself, and make a new friend. Then ask for their code word and write it in their square. Once you’ve filled in the day’s design, turn it in and you could win something.

Remember the goal isn’t really to win something, though that’s a nice encouragement. The goal is to get to know the people in your SQL Community.

Some cards will have my mug shot. So all during the week of the PASS Community Summit, I’ll tweet my locations and plans using the hashtag #sqlbingo. If you’re playing along and want to meet, just follow my tweets, or search for #sqlbingo. I also blogged about some of my scheduled activities in yesterday’s post.

For more specifics, visit Brent’s blog or Stuart’s blog posting on the game.

See you next week in Seattle!

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