SQL Saturday #29 Presentations & Twittering


Tomorrow, I’m presenting a couple of sessions at SQLSaturday #29 in Birmingham, Alabama. Here are the presentation materials I’ll use.

Reaching Out to the Twitterverse

While I was in Seattle last fall for the PASS Community Summit, I saw a couple of presenters effectively reach out to the Twitter community while giving their sessions. They had someone tweet important points for them as they presented their session. Then, as the Twitterverse posted questions in response, the designated liaison would voice them and tweet the presenters answers. It seemed to work out really well.

So, I’m considering trying that for tomorrow’s sessions – if I can find an attendee who doesn’t mind acting as the liaison.

Question: Would that be of interest to you? Would you like to follow some of the sessions for tomorrow’s SQLSaturday via Twitter?

I’ll let you know what the Twitter tag will be if it works out.

I hope to see you there, or at least hear from you via Twitter during the session.

21 Responses to SQL Saturday #29 Presentations & Twittering

  1. Peter Shire says:

    Joe, there are a number of interesting ways to integrate Twitter into your presentation. The PowerPoint Twitter Tools from Tim Elliott are amazing. http://www.sapweb20.com/blog/powerpoint-twitter-tools/
    Voting, Crowd Meter, open Twitter stream, etc. FYI… there is a control to filter unsavory tweets if necessary. Check it out.

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  3. I think it is a fantastic idea. There is actually a professor at UTD that is doing it. Check out this article about what she is doing. http://bit.ly/aptmyR

  4. Rakesh Naik says:

    Hey Joe,
    Really enjoyed your talk today. I also belive that you blog is going to be one of the stes I vist daily. Love the mobile version.

  5. Csaba Toth says:

    Saw the tips & tricks and it was great!
    Entering for the Win 7 Pro:
    csaba (DOT) toth (AT) vanderbilt (DOT) edu
    Health System Software Engineer @ VUMC

  6. Csaba Toth says:

    How was this presentation twittering was implemented? That was cool.

    csaba (DOT) toth (AT) vanderbilt (DOT) edu

  7. Csaba Toth says:

    That twitter plugin was awesome 🙂

    a Health System Software Engineer from VUMC (Vandy Medical Center)

  8. Jeff Rush says:

    I would enjoy following some interactive presentation tweets. also, is this the right place for the win7 giveaway?

  9. Best explanation of clustered index I’ve ever heard or read. Thanks!

  10. Jungchanhsieh says:


  11. Chris Morrow says:


    Great presentations. Thanks for coming to Birmingham and sharing the topics.


  12. Steve Pardue says:

    Saw both your presentations – excellent material. I’m looking forward to exploring your blog.

  13. Rick Mathers says:

    Great job today, I found it very insightful

  14. Jon Armstrong says:

    Great talk it was very informative

  15. loyd gravitt says:

    Loyd Gravitt: Please enter me in drawing. Gravittl@jccal.org

  16. Kenny Yarnell says:

    Great presentations today. Very good mix of presentation/demonstration.

  17. Karen Collins says:

    Please come to Florida and give a presentation.

    And please enter me in the drawing.

  18. David Taylor says:


    I was unable to attend SQL Saturday this time around, but I was eagerly watching your tweets throughout, and Great Job! I am currently downloading the Presentation files and Scripts for both your talks today. And thank you so much for extending your drawing! I never win anything, but I can try! The more important thing is your presentations, though.

  19. Joe,

    I totally enjoyed your presentations yesterday and learned a great deal from your Tips and Tricks for better Queries. My brother-in-law who introduced me to you at the back of the room (129B after Sven’s presentation was totally right. You really are a class act, a wealth of knowledge, very accessible and generous with your time. Thanks so much for sharing your valuable time with us. I too will be following your blog daily.

    Michael Cherry
    IT Coordinator

  20. Jim MOss says:

    Hi Joe, I really enjoyed your presentations on yesterday and hope to catch the newer version on Locking and Blocking at some time in the future. Also please enter me in the drawing.

  21. µ says:

    I enjoyed the “Tips & Tricks for Writing Better Queries” presentation at SQL Server Saturday in Birmingham this past weekend.

    Mike Robbins

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