SQL Server Locking & Blocking At DevLink 2010

Wow! Thanks to everyone who came to my SQL Server Locking & Blocking session at devLINK this morning! I’m completely humbled by the turnout!

Thanks for hanging around until the end, too! At the beginning of the session, I said we’d have 45 minutes to cover 90 minutes worth of material. Even so, I had in my mind that the session would last until noon. So when I finished at 11:55pm, I thought I had finished 5 minutes early. I didn’t realize until later that I was actually 10 minutes late! I hope it was worth your while.

As promised, here is a link to the presentation slide deck and the demo scripts (Query 1, Query 2). Feel free to ask any follow up questions in the comments area below. And I’d appreciate your feedback on the session in SpeakerRate.

Lots More SQL To Come

If you’re interested in more topics and sessions on SQL Server, the Nashville SQL Server User Group is hosting a SQLSaturday #51 in just a couple of weeks (August 21, 2010). There are over 30 great sessions presented by SQL Server MVPs, authors, and industry experts from around the country. And it’s completely free. Space is limited so register soon.

Thanks again and I hope to see you at SQLSaturday #51!

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