Lightening Talk On Covering Indexes Ka-chow! Ka-chow!

“I’m a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics.” That’s what Lightning McQueen tells Mater when they first meet in Cars. The ever astute Mater replies “You hurt your what?” I love that movie!

I often get a similiar response when I ask people about covering indexes. It’s not that aren’t bright, knowledge professionals. It just seems as though this topic isn’t very well known. And that’s a shame because queries that can be resolved using only a nonclustered index are some of the fastest queries you can run in SQL Server. I explain and demonstrate why in a Simple-Talk article.

I’ll also take up this topic in a Lightening Talk session at the 2010 PASS Summit. We’ll go from zero to covering indexes in 5 minutes.

If you’re attending the Summit, join me for this Lightening Talk. I’ll be the one who’s downing seven expressos right before the session so I can be sure to “cover” all the material in 5 minutes.

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