Vote For The SQLRally Pre-Con Seminars

Do you know a real-life Pointy Haired Boss? Maybe you don’t work for him, but I bet you’ve met one.

In my consulting practice I’ve met a lot of them. They were once good technical people. So good in fact, they got promoted; it’s the natural progression in business. But they didn’t make the transition well. They knew how to do techie but they didn’t realize that moving from techie to a technical manager would require some new skills. When faced with pressure and stress they withdraw and do what they do best, the technical stuff, and ignore the real source of their stress, the managerial stuff. And they fall flat on their faces.

Voting Booths

Surely Smart People Can Be Good Managers

They can, and don’t call me Shirley (rimshot).

This is the premise of a series of blog posts called “So I Got Promoted, Now What?” that I’ve been writing recently. In the series, I’m discussing how technical people can leverage and build upon the skills that they already have to succeed in their new role as a technical manager.

I’m also adding to that and turning the concept into a one-day seminar that I can deliver to clients and in other venues like SQLRally May 11-13, 2011, in Orlando, Florida.

Vote For The SQLRally Pre-Con You’d Like To See

My Pre-Conference Seminar submission for SQLRally was selected as one of the three finalists for the Miscellaneous (aka the Professional Development) category. Now it’s up to the community to vote for the session you’d like to see.

Voting doesn’t mean you’re registering to attend. It doesn’t even mean that if you do attend SQLRally, that you’re obligated to the Pre-Con. It simply means that you think that the session you voted for would be of interest and is needed in the community.

There are three really good sessions from which to choose (listed in the same order as on the ballot).

  • Finding Your Dream Job by Chris Shaw and Steve Jones (1/2 day).The job market is becoming more and more competitive all the time as employees become more and more efficient at accomplishing more work and employers look to reduce their headcounts. This session will present the attendee with practical tips, tricks, and skills for enhancing their marketability. They will learn how to better use networking to their advantage, both online and offline, develop a technical blog, and build a better resume. Once someone has an interview, we provide them with techniques to prepare for the interview, and how to not only impress the potential employer, but also assess if this is the job they really desire.
  • So I Got Promoted, Now What? by Joe Webb (full day). “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.” That’s the premise of Dr. Laurence Peter in his 1969 book, “The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong.” We’ve all seen instances where someone who is very good with technology is promoted and flounders. Horribly. And the worse they do, the more stress they feel. And they flounder even more. So what happens? They don’t make changes in their daily work required by the new position. In this session, you’ll learn how to do your job better once you’ve been promoted. You’ll become aware of the new dynamics required by your new role so you adjust and excel. You’ll learn how you can leverage the same successful tactics that made you a great technologist in your role as a director, manager, or team lead.
  • Leadership and Team Management Skills for the Database Professional by Kevin Kline (full day). Most IT leaders earned their promotions based on technical competency, not on leadership or managerial skills. Technical leaders rarely advance into leadership positions with the complex mix of social and soft skills that best facilitate their success and the success of their teams. Successful IT leaders require a combination of: Earning the respect of your team, A deep understand of effectively motivating technology professionals, Specific skills to lead database professionals competently that broadly fall into the categories of: Coaching team members to effectively meet goals and deadlines, Facilitating change and navigating organizational disruptions, Promoting communication within the team and with management Keeping teams and projects on task and within scope, Dealing with difficult team members, Practicing good team time management techniques. This one-day seminar equips attendees with training content, fun exercises, and reference material to further develop their leadership potential and achieve excellent results, both for themselves and for their teams.

Of course, I’d like for you to vote for my session, but frankly speaking I don’t think you’ll go wrong with any of them. I know the other speakers. They know their material and do a bang up job presenting.

What I do ask is that you make your voice heard and vote for the session you’d go to if you were to go to a session.

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  2. Melia says:

    I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on diaplsy!

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