The Future Of PASS Elections

Am I stirring up a hornets nest or beating a dead horse bringing up a the PASS elections the day before over 2,500 SQL Server professional converge on Seattle for the 2010 PASS Community Summit? I’m not sure, but I suspect I’ll find out within 24 hours.

So, why would I revisit a topic that was so prevalent and divisive in the SQL community just a few short months ago?  Well, I’ll tell you.

In my posting entitled “A Community Divided“, I made the following observation.

At fault here are the procedures that governed the election process. I have every confidence that those procedures were far better than in prior years. Yet in this case, as extreme as it may be, they fell woefully short. I think that the one thing on which we can agree is that we don’t want to find ourselves in this predicament twelve or twenty-four months from now. We want to learn from this, take corrective action, and move forward.

I still believe that to be the case.

And so does the PASS Board of Directors.

We Can Do Better

A couple of weeks ago, the PASS Board reached out to me. They were interested in creating a committee of people from the SQL community to review the procedures and policies that govern the elections. They asked if I’d be willing to lead such a committee.

I was a bit skeptical at first. I do not want to be a part of any committee whose job is to sanction the elections of 2010. Nor do I have time to serve on a committee that is simply designed to go through the motions because the end is already defined.

I had several good conversations with the PASS Board and I believe my initial skepticism was misplaced. I left with the sense that the PASS Board is genuinely interested in improving the current election process. They assured me that the purpose of the committee is to review the current process and make recommendations for going forward. There is nothing off limits; everything is on the table.

The Election Review Committee (ERC)

I agreed to help with this committee. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve put together a good team of SQL professionals to serve on the committee. Many of the names you’ll recognize. Some you may not. But all are willing to devote some time to help make difference.

This is a diverse group. Each brings a different perspective and background to the committee. I’m excited about working with each of these individuals. I respect their passion and their ability to tackle and resolve tough problems. You’ll notice that 5 of the 7 are members of the community; only two are actively sitting on the PASS Board.

Providing Feedback

Most of ERC will be in Seattle this week for the PASS Community Summit. Please feel free to stop any of us and share your thoughts about how the PASS elections can be made better; we want to hear your voice as we form our recommendations to the PASS Board.

I’m working with PASS to provide some additional channels for feedback both during the conference and afterwards. Look for more details as they are available; I’ll post them here and they’ll be announced as part of the PASS keynotes and daily updates.

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