The PowerShell CookBook

“A script club.” That’s what a friend of mine said when he was telling me how he’d learned the basics of PowerShell. I did a double take. “You had a user group meeting at a strip club?!?!” He laughed and clarified, this time enunciating more clearly.

cutting board image

Last week at the PASS Community Summit in Seattle, I delivered a session called The PowerShell CookBook. In it, I demonstrated some scripts that I use when auditing SQL Server instances. I showed how to programmatically collect a list of SQL Server instances and then iterate through each instance to gather information about its configuration parameters, databases, and jobs.

As promised in the session, I’ve made the scripts available for you to use and tweak to suit your own needs.

If you were in the session, thanks for coming! I hope you found it worthwhile! After the session, someone asked if I’d be willing to deliver the session remotely to their user group. The answer is yes; just contact me using twitter, email, or a comment to this blog and we’ll work out a time.

See you next time!

5 Responses to The PowerShell CookBook

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  2. Dave Schutz says:


    I enjoyed your PowerShell session at PASS, wanted to do the one with Allen White also but had a chapter leaders meeting.
    I’ve been working with PowerGUI as a way to get started but need to get more used to the scripting side.
    Thanks for the scripts

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