I Have An iPad, So Why Did I Order A Kindle?

I love getting emails from Amazon telling me that my order has shipped! An almost giddy feeling wells up inside me when I see the message. The most recent email was about an Amazon Kindle that slowly made its way to my doorstep.

Just One Look

I was perfectly happy using my iPad as an ebook reader until I handled the Kindle that I bought my wife for Christmas. That’s all it took.

So what change my mind?

Size matters

When I first received my iPad six months ago, I was immediately struck by its sleek design, its thin profile, and its amazing video quality. I still am, especially when compared to a laptop. It’s a handy device that I regularly use in my consulting business.

As an ebook reader, the iPad is found lacking. Sure iBook has some neat, page turning graphics, but the lack of titles is frustrating.

The Kindle Reader app works well on the iPad but the software cannot overcome the relative heftiness of the iPad. It’s not a joy to hold upright while reading in bed. It’s much heavier and bulkier than a Kindle.

It’s the next best thing to paper

Although I occasionally find the backlit screen of the iPad to be an advantage in low light situations, generally speaking the eInk technology of the Kindle provides a far superior reading experience. Many claim that the technology is easier on the eyes. I don’t really know whether that’s true. I just know that it seems more pleasurable to read on the Kindle than the iPad.

It keeps getting better

When Kindle 1.0 came out, a couple of my early adopter friends quickly snatched one up. They were excited to show me how great it was. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed. The flickering and slow page turning was enough to turn me off.

A couple of versions later, Amazon has gotten it right. This little device is smaller, lighter, and faster than its predecessors. It’s battery life is extraordinary.

It’s Arrived

As a light weight, near laptop replacement device, the iPad is wonderful. I use it in business meetings, I use it to make presentations at conferences, and I use it to just surf the web from the comfort of my recliner.

But there’s something to be said for doing one thing really well. Sometimes, I just want to read. I’m glad my Kindle has arrived.

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